I have lost my ticket

If you have lost your ticket, log in to your Paylogic account and download the tickets again. If you have no Paylogic account, please contact Paylogic through the link below. https://customerservice.paylogic.com/?event=

What are Coin Tickets?

Food and drinks at Intents Festival are paid for by means of tokens. A Coin Ticket represents a value of a certain number of tokens. You can have the Coin Ticket scanned at the E-Coins desk at the festival, where you will then be given your tokens.

I cannot access my Paylogic account

You may not be able to access your personal Paylogic Account for one of the following reasons: You may have used a different email address when registering for your Paylogic Account. Please check all your email addresses. If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot password? Then follow the instructions […]

How do I create a Paylogic account?

You can create a Paylogic account while ordering. You can use this account for your next purchase and in order to view the information concerning your orders. The email address you give will be your user name for your Paylogic account. When you have completed your registration, Paylogic will email […]