The following items are not allowed at the campsite

– Cars, bikes, trailers, caravans, campers or other vehicles. – You are not allowed to leave the campsite without your camping gear between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. (22:00 – 08:00 hrs). – Laser pens. – Sound systems, generator sets. – Glass or other sharp objects. – BBQs, cookers, refrigerators, beer pumps and gas cylinders. (Small disposable BBQs and small, single-unit gas cylinders are allowed at the BBQ zone) – Sofas (or other large objects). – Illegal drugs/narcotics. – Confetti and party poppers. – Selfie sticks and photo tripods/sticks. – Wearing or bringing football shirts and/or clothes with nationalistic symbols or statements. – Trading any goods whatsoever without the organisers’ permission. – Playing loud music after the festival has ended. Your fellow-partygoers and local residents deserve a good night’s sleep as well. – Damaging property owned by the Intents Festival or any other parties. – Open fire, including bonfires, BBQs, torches, fireworks, etc. – Stadium horns – Drones – Stickers, flyers, posters, banners – V-shaped tent pegs of more than 3 mm thick and more than 30 cm long are forbidden. – — Round tent pegs of more than 7 mm thick and more than 25 cm long are forbidden.